Wilfred Megin, a.k.a. Chief Iron Wolf, may finally have cause to rethink his fight with New Milford's zoning regulations.

Mr. Megin, a resident of Old Town Park Road, spent a night in jail last week, held on $25,000 bond on a town zoning regulations warrant.

He was arraigned March 1 and is free on a written promise to appear March 20 in Bantam Superior Court to answer charges.

The arrest came after eight years of legal battles over Mr. Megin's illegal junk yard on his property.

It should be noted on Sept. 12, 2011, Mr. Megin legally changed his name to Chief Iron Wolf.

The legal wrangle between Chief Iron Wolf and zoning enforcement officer Laura Regan began in December 2004.

Ms. Regan then found "multiple junk vehicles, trailers and other debris" at the Old Town Park Road property. A cease-and-desist order was issued and, ever since, the legal war escalated.

An appeal by Chief Iron Wolf to the Zoning Board of Appeals was followed by an appeal to Superior Court, followed by an appeal to the state Appellate Court, followed by a petition to the state Supreme Court.

His petition to the state Supreme Court was denied in Sept. 2008, yet the war of wills continued.

"RV campers, construction equipment and commercial vehicles along with scrap metal, 55-gallon drums and underground storage tanks" had by then also accumulated on Mr. Megin's property, court documents state.

Court fines of $9,000 and $59,500 followed in 2010 and 2011.

Twenty vehicles were moved from the property by Chief Iron Wolfe in April 2012 under threat of incarceration.

Even when he was found in contempt of court in April 2012 and slapped with a daily penalty of $150 to $250, Chief Iron Wolf continued to defy both zoning regulations and court orders.

Attempts to reach Chief Iron Wolf for comment were unsuccessful.