Word got out earlier than Bernie Meehan had expected about the need for more space for equipment for the Roxbury Ambulance Association.

The group's chief said Tuesday plans are "at least three to four years out" to build a separate building for the two ambulances and response truck with its cargo trailer.

But no mistaking, there is a buzz around town.

"We don't have funding or property in place," said Mr. Meehan. "All that's happened so far is that we've decided that we could use some more space."

At this time, one ambulance is in a cramped bay at the North Street firehouse. A second ambulance is parked in the old, non-insulated firehouse by the Roxbury Congregational Church, while the response vehicle is parked in Mr. Meehan's driveway.

The cargo trailer parks at the Department of Public Works.

"We identified that it would enhance our operation," Mr. Meehan explained, "if we could find some room to store all the equipment together."

"The bay in the North Street firehouse is very, very cramped," he said. "We need everything together where we can get to it and wash and service it."

Formed in 1968, the Roxbury Ambulance Association is a private, non-profit association. It receives no funding from the town, Mr.Meehan said.

Last year, some 200 calls were responded to by its 30 volunteers, who are all certified at least to EMT-basic level, he added.

Advance life support is provided by the regional paramedic program based at New Milford Hospital and shared with six other towns.