A new park recently made its debut in New Milford.

The Rotary Club of New Milford combined its efforts this spring with those of Mayor Pat Murphy to develop the plot left vacant at the northwest corner of the Grove/Route 67 intersection by last year's project.

The centerpiece is the Rotary's wheel sign, symbolizing the club's commitment to the community of New Milford, explained Sharon Ward of the Rotary.

The park occupies land turned over to the town following the completion of the state's realignment project.

The idea for the park originated with Rotarian Frank Wargo, who said he saw this land as a "gateway to New Milford."

Mayor Pat Murphy and the town worked with the state to accomplish grading, seeding, lighting and preliminary site work, before turning the area over to the Rotary club.

Through a matching grant from the Rotary's district office, the club secured funds to accomplish phase one of the project, including the placement of a Rotary sign donated by Frank Wargo.

Richard Schipul of Designing Eden donated his services to design a plan for the placement of the sign and for landscaped beds for the park.

"The intent is to make this a beautiful area to enjoy year round," said Ms. Ward, "either while driving past or walking through it."

-- Norm Cummings