A proposed 33-unit housing development by Straits Rock in New Milford has prompted vocal opponents.

An Oct. 11 public hearing of the Inland Wetlands Commission public hearing drew a large turnout and elicited objections from the Housatonic Valley Association and the Housatonic River Commission.

The development, River Walk by the Housatonic, would be located on the east side of Kent Road (Route 7) between the road and the Housatonic River.

It would be sited across from Straits Rock and the subdivision already there, with a proposed access road cut onto the curved roadway.

Elaine LaBella, director of land protection for the Housatonic Valley Association, presented a letter suggesting developer Vic Nelson's plans were "a gravel extraction operation disguised as an affordable housing plan."

It could become "another unrestored quarry site" like one in Boardman, she said.

Ms. LaBella spoke of potential destabilization of the property's steep slopes with the planned removal of 160,000 cubic yards of gravel.

Public engineer Paul Szymanski, working with Mr. Nelson on the project, said such fears were unfounded and explained planned remedies to such problems.

Ms. LaBella also questioned if the deep excavation planned in the upland review area of Squash Hollow Brook might disrupt the brook's flow.

Robert Gambino, of the Housatonic River Commission, also submitted a letter referencing the importance of the Housatonic River and its corridor, exemplified by the establishment of the Housatonic River Zone.

He also questioned excavation occurring near Squash Hollow Brook, including concerns about erosion and sedimentation.

Several neighbors of the site said they do not have an adequate water supply. They questioned what further detrimental effects the proposed public water system of the new development would have on their own water flow.

The public hearing will continue Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. during the Inland Wetlands Commission regular meeting at Town Hall.