The presence of Squash Hollow Brook and proximity to the Housatonic River have raised issues for developer Vic Nelson in his plans to build a 33-lot subdivision in Gaylordsville.

Mr. Nelson will be before the Inland Wetlands Commission at a public hearing on the project set for Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in New Milford Town Hall.

The development, River Walk by the Housatonic, would be on the east side of Kent Road (Route 7) between the road and the river.

It would sit across from Straits Rock and the subdivision there, with a proposed access road cut onto the curved roadway.

The Inland Wetlands Commission declared the project a significant activity given the potential for erosion from steep slopes that could impact wetlands and watercourse, potentially causing pollution.

Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer Jim Ferlow has concerns about the project.

He said that the state Department of Transportation is proposing to minimize in the future some of the turns in the area -- including the one at Mr. Nelson's property -- but DOT plans are stalled by the length of the slope and the sandy soil there.

Further, Mr. Ferlow worries about storm water management and whether soil excavation near Squash Hollow Brook could potentially shift the brook's flow pattern.

Public engineer Paul Szymanski, of Arthur H. Howland & Associates, believes all of Mr. Ferlow's concerns can be addressed. He encouraged the town's engineering staff and Department of Public Works to review the project.

Mr. Ferlow requested that a consulting engineer review the application.; 860-355-7322