Space is at a premium at the Richmond Citizen Center in New Milford.

The Senior Center, Social Services, the Wheels program and Loaves & Fishes Hospitality House share the 19,073-square-foot building located along the east side of Main Street.

To address what they describe as cramped quarters and needs for expansion, the New Milford Public Works facility maintenance team is designing plans for possible renovations to the building's upper level.

Planning is still in the preliminary stage, but extending the elevator shaft to the long unused top floor is on the table.

Mayor Pat Murphy suggested seeking grants or bonding to cover the estimated $450,000 cost.

"It's always been a question -- why wasn't the elevator installed to go up to the third floor?" said Carolyn Haglund, director of Senior Services.

"Facilities is looking at every possible venue to expanding our space," Mrs. Haglund added. "It would be great to have the third floor. We always have to go out of town to hold a fundraiser or chamber event."

The upper floor of the Richmond Citizen Center was designed as a gymnasium when the structure was built more than a century ago to serve as the town's high school.

Bringing that space up to American with Disabilities Act and modern building codes would be costly, said Mike Zarba, director of Public Works.

-- Susan Tuz