A policy about when and where animals are permitted or restricted in municipal buildings has been announced by New Milford Mayor Pat Murphy.

The policy has been implemented to "protect public health and safety while making provisions for building access for service animals," according to the policy.

The policy reminds residents who own, have charge, care custody or control of an animal to not allow the animal to enter or remain in any town publicly-owned building except in certain instances.

Exceptions include:

Any service specially trained and educated animal accompanying individuals with disabilities, or any service animal being trained by an official service animal trainer. These animals should have generally accepted identification markings to show they are a service animal, and be in a guiding harness or on a leash under the control of the individual.

Any animal approved by a waiver of the building's supervisor for events, education, training or other need.

Any animal directed to be present in a publicly-owned building by a court of law.

Any animal being held, trained or quarantined or treated at any animal service facility, pound or animal emergency shelter.

Any animal in the service of or contracted for service by a law enforcement agency.

Unless otherwise prohibited by law.