Parents in the Region 12 school district recently received a "School Safety Update" from Superintendent of Schools Pat Cosentino.

In it, she outlined security steps already taken and to be made for the region's five schools.

1) Visitors must now buzz in, sign in with identification and obtain a visitor's pass.

2) During arrival and dismissal times, a staff member will be stationed at the exit doors.

3) Blinds for all interior door windows in the schools are being ordered and installed for classroom doors. All interior doors will be locked and magnet systems are being developed for quick closing of interior doors.

4) All keys for external doors are being changed to key passes to limit the number of people with access to the school.

5) A security guard has been hired to work at Shepaug Valley School from 2:30 to 10:30 p.m. to monitor the front door for the numerous after-school activities and will secure the building at the end of the evening.

6) Booth Free, Burnham and Washington Primary schools will be locked all day, including the evening hours. Arrangement for access to the buildings is to made for directors of after-school programs.

7) A security company to be determined will provide a full evaluation of the schools and outline what else might be needed to improve security.