The New Milford Public Works Department has issued a winter weather advisory.

Stay home if possible during bad weather to let the town and state crews clear as much of the snow as feasible.

Park vehicles off the streets at all times during the winter months. Since many of our storms begin at night, the highway department can help morning traffic better if there are no cars parked on the streets.

Operations are conducted on 20-plus designated routes. Within each route, certain streets are designated as primary and snow emergency routes to be opened first so snow removal crews and emergency vehicles can reach all areas of town.

No person, firm or corporation shall discharge any snow from any private driveway, road or parking area upon any town highway.

Do not sled, ski, ATV or snowmobile on the roads. They cannot be seen or heard by most large trucks.

A good rule of thumb to use when shoveling walks or driveway aprons is if you can see pavement, plowing is usually finished. If shoveling a driveway before road plowing is done, some frustration of having the shoveled snow plowed back into a driveway can be avoided by throwing the shoveled snow to the right as one faces the street. In this way, the plow won't pick up the shoveled snow until it passes the driveway.

Review the Town of New Milford's mailbox policy viewable on

Cleared sidewalks are important to the safety of all New Milford's citizens. If living next to a public sidewalk, shoveling and clearing that walk is the resident's responsibility. All sidewalks are required to be cleared within 24 hours after precipitation stops.

The Town has designated certain roads as snow emergency routes. Look for signage (red and white) indicating which roads are selected. Snow emergencies will be declared in advance of any parking restrictions being imposed (per the signage on each street).

Snow emergencies are announced via radio, television and the New Milford website ( The town has declared the following parking lots available for overnight parking: Richmond Citizen Center, Town Hall and Patriot's Way during any parking ban restrictions (blue & white sign with snowflake).