An inn appears to be destined for the former Wykeham Rise Girls' School property in Washington.

The site on Wykeham Road has been purchased by a high-end hotel group.

The Paligroup of West Hollywood, Calif., bought the 27-acre property at 101 Wykeham Road from Matthew and Erika Klauer for $5.2 million.

The sale was recorded March 3 in the Washington assessor's office.

The Klauers could not be reached for comment this week.

Kirsten Leigh Pratt, the Paligroup media relations director, said the group was "still working on project details" and had no updates at this time.

In August, Pratt confirmed the Paligroup would be partnering with the Klauers to build an inn on the property.

Since the sale, Erika Klauer has told friends she will still be involved with the project.

"Erika will definitely still be involved with this," former neighbor Joe Mustich said. "I called her when I learned about the property sale. She told me they're hoping to break ground as soon as the weather warms."

Groundbreaking may be some time away, however.

The Klauers proposed changes to the approved plans in December. However, since the January 2013 approvals for the inn were based in part on a settlement agreement through the courts, changes to the approvals are not that easily made.

The Zoning Commission and neighbors of the Wykeham Road property, who were involved in the settlement, would have to agree to change its provisions, according to Janet Hill, the town's zoning enforcement officer.

The Paligroup could, however, proceed with the approvals as granted in January 2013, Hill said. She explained it would be up to the owner.

Founded by Avi Brosh in 1998, the Paligroup designs, develops and operates high-end residential properties and hotels in California.

First Selectman Mark Lyon said Monday no one from the group had contacted him.

"I would assume the Paligroup bought the property as an approved project and plans to move forward with that project," Lyon said. "They are a group that owns and manages these type of properties. It doesn't seem reasonable that they would buy the property just to resell it."

The Klauers first took their proposal to build an inn to Washington land-use boards in 2008.

In January 2013, after years of legal battles, the Klauers received the zoners' approval to develop the property as an inn, with accompanying buildings.; 203-731-3352