DANBURY - The man who a city police officer shot and killed on Saturday was 45-year-old Paul Arbitelle, investigators confirmed at noon Thursday.

Arbitelle, a Danbury man with white supremacist tattoos who was recently in prison for the racially motivated assault of a black man, had twice been convicted of attacking police officers.

Police have been slow to release details of the deadly weekend shooting, which also sent Arbitelle’s 74-year old mother to the hospital, where she was recovering in critical condition.

Police and city officials intend to release more details once the investigation is complete, which may not be until next week.

On Thursday, police would only say that Danbury officers were called to the apartment of Arbitelle’s mother on the report that he was walking the grounds with a knife.

One Danbury police officer shot Arbitelle with a stun gun. A second officer fired his handgun multiple times, striking Arbitelle in the abdomen and also striking his mother, police said.

The officers have not been identified.