Region 6 Superintendent of Schools Ed Drapp is confident that one school resource officer will meet the needs of all four schools in the region -- Wamogo Regional High School and elementary schools Goshen Center, James Morris and Warren.

A part-time SRO has been added to the region's proposed 2013-14 budget. The SRO position would be shared with Litchfield, which has one campus for its K-12 schools.

"We're looking at possibly sharing a school resource officer with Litchfield," Drapp said Monday. "We see that position as being primarily at the high school with a presence at the three elementary schools. We used to have an SRO at the high school."

To a Warren mother's concerns regarding possible bullying in the schools, Drapp said that parent had met with the principal of Warren School and an investigation is ongoing into the bullying complaint.

Drapp added if other parents have information that could be valuable regarding alleged bullying, he hopes they will come forward.

-- Susan Tuz