Playing with paint... it's every child's dream.

Several thousand youths of all ages lived that dream June 8 at Young's Field in New Milford as the second annual Paint the People was hosted by the Village Center for the Arts' Sharon Kaufman and Jayson Roberts.

"People just enjoyed each other in the name of art," said Kaufman, "just what we were hoping for."

"If possible," said Pam Landman, who brought her family for a second straight year, "this year's event was better than last. It was incredible to see so many people, young and grown up, experiencing the joy of creative expression."

Wet weather leading up the event caused Young's Field to absorb quite a body blow from all the foot traffic that day, and one ill-advised vendor even drove his truck over the helpless turf.

Sections of the field needed extensive raking, and reseeding, reported Dan Calhoun, director of Parks & Recreation.

He said the arts center's bond and insurance certificate would cover the cost of repairs.

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Susan Tuz contributed to this story.

Photography by Walter Kidd