The long-awaited 2011-12 audit from the firm Grant Thornton has arrived in New Milford.

The town's finance director, Ray Jankowski, was scheduled to present the audit report to the Board of Finance Wednesday.

Figures from the document were not released prior to the presentation.

The 2011-12 audit was conspicuously missing from Mr. Jankowski's financial presentation Feb. 25 during the joint budget meeting of the Town Council and Board of Finance.

In a Jan. 28 letter to Mayor Pat Murphy, Grant Thornton partner Robert L. Howard Jr. apologized for the delay.

Mr. Howard cited a loss of personnel at the auditing firm, creating the delay.

He added delays "have nothing to do with a lack of audit readiness by either the town's finance department or Board of Education business office."

Mr. Jankowski was to finish his financial forecast for the town to the joint budget meeting Wednesday.

He had previously disclosed 2011-12 revenues came in $223,240 over expectations. He also had noted the unassigned fund balance had increased by $453,000 and would be $11,898,850 prior to the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Tax collection rates for 2012-13 are anticipated to be at 98.5 percent, Mr. Jankowski said.

-- Susan Tuz