O&G Industries plans to transport crushed rock from its New Milford quarry by rail.

The firm has a special permit application before the town's Zoning Commission to approve the construction of a railroad siding at the northeast end of O&G's Boardman Road property.

The siding would be 3,000 feet long, with 1,600 feet on O&G property and 1,400 feet on neighboring CL&P property.

The terminus would connect to the Housatonic Railroad tracks that run parallel to River Road.

Housatonic would likely transport the crushed rock to points south within the state, according to Ken Faroni, O&G's director of planning and permits.

"We would park our own locomotive on the site for internal work," Faroni explained to zoners. "On a second spur of the teminus, two sets of 20 box cars each would be kept for filling."

"We anticipate the loads would be headed south," he said. "If all goes well, we will be doing this next year."

Faroni estimated one string of 40 cars would be transported by Housatonic once a month. The work to install the siding on the O & G property would take several months to complete, he said.

"This not only gives Housatonic an opportunity to improve the tracks south," Faroni said. "I think there's a greater good to this in that it may get the state of Connecticut onboard with rail improvements."

-- Susan Tuz