Workforce housing zone nixed by zoners

The New Milford Zoning Commission voted unanimously Tuesday, Sept. 22, against developer Vic Nelson's proposal for a new zoning regulation that would have allowed offerings of moderate-priced, workforce housing in the town's residential zones.

Commission members had concerns if the proposed regulation might be too broad, constitute spot zoning, or intrude on existing residential zones.

The actual qualification process was also a concern to zoners. Some feared the administrative oversight to verify state income guidelines could prove burdensome on the zoning office's limited staff.

-- Nancy G. Hutson

Housing plan denied in Washington

Washington's Inland Wetlands Commission denied an application to build an affordable housing complex at the former Wykeham Rise School site.

The commission noted the application lacked required documentation, including a response from the developer's engineer to a report by the town engineer, as well as payment of a $250 hearing fee.

The commission voted unanimously to deny the application without prejudice. That means developer Matthew Klauer may re-submit the proposal and begin the approval process again.

Mr. Klauer submitted plans July 8 for a 33-unit, 69-bedroom development named Wykeham Terraces. The plan would include 10 affordable units.

-- Susan Tuz

New Milford family displaced by fire

A New Milford family, who earlier this month had moved into a house on Saxony Drive, were displaced Friday, Sept. 18, after an electrical fire erupted in the basement, causing smoke damage througout the ranch-style house.

Town records indicate William Strempski purchased the Northville home from Michael Gallo Sept. 2.

Fire marshal Karen Facey said the accidental fire had been contained to the basement, but there had been sufficient smoke and water damage so the Strempski family was forced to temporarily relocate.

No structural damage occurred, but the main floors will have to be cleaned of the smoke, she said.

The local Red Cross chapter was called in to assist the family.

-- Nanci G. Hutson