New Milford shelter to offer warm place to sleep

The New Milford Shelter Coalition opened its overnight shelter Monday for the eighth winter in a row.

The private organization provides volunteers to supervise a safe place for homeless people to sleep in winter.

The shelter opens at 9 p.m. and closes at 6 a.m. and moves among four churches. It will be at St. Francis Xavier Church on the green for November and December.

In January, the shelter will move to St. John's Episcopal Church on the green.

In February, it will be at First Congregational Church on the green, and in March and April it will be at Northville Baptist Church on Little Bear Hill Road.

Last year the shelter provided beds for two to 12 people a night. Shelter coordinator Francesca Morrissey said there could be more users this year, because the economy has left people struggling to afford a place to live.

The coalition is seeking volunteers, particularly female volunteers, Ms. Morrissey said.

She has been a shelter volunteer for the past seven years and said she finds great satisfaction in making a difference for people in need.

"These people are my neighbors, and New Milford is a small enough community that we should all feel that way," Ms. Morrissey added.