New Milford blacks fought in Civil War

A dozen men from New Milford served the Union army during the Civil War.

In recognition of Black History Month in February, resident Fran Smith forwarded the following list.

These men fought for their nation although blacks were not officially considered free men throughout the United States until the 13th Amendment was passed in December 1865.

Of the 282 men from town who served during the Civil War, 12 of them were black.

Private Thomas Burr (Company B, 29th Infantry)

Cpt. George Carpenter (Company F, 29th Infantry; muster, Nov. 28, 1863)

Cpl. Lewis A. Clegett (muster, Jan. 5, 1864)

Grandville Coy (30th CT, Co., DOH 1845; enlisted March 14, 1864; MIA July 30, 1864, Petersburg, Va., and later found; buried beside his mother in Center Cemetery in New Milford)

George Dunbar (29th Infantry; enlisted 1863 and out in 1864)

Pvt. Henry S. Franklin (Company K, 29th Infantry; muster, Jan. 5, 1864)

Pvt. Richard Heacock (Company K, 29th Infantry)

Pvt. and Cpl. Henry F. Jackson (Company C, 29th Infantry; muster, Dec. 14, 1863)

Sgt. and Pvt. William Morrison (Company C, 29th Infantry; wounded at Kell House in Virginia Oct. 27, 1864)

Pvt. Chester Phillips (Company K, 29th Infantry; killed in Petersburg, Va., Sept. 23, 1864)

Pvt. Harvey J. Randolph (Company K, 29th Infantry)

Cpl. Martin V. Tallman (Company K, 29th Infantry; muster, Jan. 15, 1864).