Comparing New Milford to a "shiney car that looks good, but its oil hasn't been changed in eight years," Jeff Winter accepted the endorsement of the town's Democrats Tuesday to run for mayor.

"This isn't about me," Winter told the caucus attendees. "It's about us. In 20 years, we've won the mayor's seat three times -- Liba Furhman twice and Bob Gambino once. That's not good enough. We have an opportunity here to bring change."

The Democratic caucus was scarcely attended Tuesday but the mood was enthusiastic.

Cheers rang out as Winter accepted the endorsement. Applause broke out as the slate of Town Council candidates was accepted.

That slate includes: incumbents Walter Bayer; Mary Jane Lundgren and Peter Mullen; as well as past Town Council members John Lillis, Frank Wargo and Bob Coppolla.

A slate of seven candidates had been considered by the DTC committee, Mr. Lillis said. But it was decided to leave a seventh name off of the slate, he added. That name was of a Republican, Mr. Lillis said, declining to say which Republican was considered.

"It would be a serious mistake to run seven people since as a party we can only elect six," said Mr. Lillis, DTC chairman. "What we have now is the best slate we've ever had. We have an excellent chance of taking four, five or six Town Council seats."