NMHS science wing reopened following gas leak

The science wing at New Milford High School has been reopened after a gas leak had forced its Sept. 12 closing.

Two classrooms in the wing remained closed early this week, but are expected to be back in use soon.

Joseph Olenik, the school's assistant facilities manager, explained Oct. 1 to the Board of Education facilities subcommittee that the wing had been closed after a Sept. 12 inspection of the gas lines throughout the school.

An odor of gas was noticeable in the building on that day and students were evacuated, Olenik said.

Firefighters from Water Witch Hose Co. No. 2 and representatives of Yankee Gas Company were called to the building.

Gas was turned off to the entire building while Yankee Gas and Mulhare Electrical Company employees followed the gas lines to identify the site of the leak.

It was found to be in the science wing, Olenik said.

Classes resumed Sept. 13 in the rest of the high school after Mulhare personnel had worked through the night to close off the science wing gas line.

A shutoff valve to the wing's gas line -- which had not been installed when the school was built -- was installed by Mulhare, Olenik said.

The science wing was reopened the next day with the exception of two rooms which are waiting for the installation of new valves.