After 17 years of service, Roxbury fire marshal Jim Pierpont has retired.

Pierpont handed in his resignation in mid-April, effective April 30.

Deputy Fire Marshal Janet Morgan took over as fire marshal May 6.

"I have big shoes to fill replacing Jimmy," Morgan said, "because he's such a wonderful fire marshal."

Morgan had served as Roxbury's deputy fire marshal since 2008. She is fire marshal and fire chief for Woodbury's volunteer fire department, positions she plans to keep.

"When Jim announced he wanted to retire, the Roxbury selectmen approached me and asked if I would fill the role," Morgan said. "We came to an agreement that it would be an on-call position. Roxbury has limited inspections required and is a small town."

Morgan said stepping into the Roxbury fire marshal's role is an example of "one town helping another town."

Pierpont said he plans to spend much of the summer in Canada, but will be on hand to act as deputy fire marshal to assist Morgan, if need be.

"Time and the tide waits for no man," Pierpont said with a laugh about his decision to retire. "Roxbury's a lovely town. When I was a boy in Scouts, we camped in Roxbury. It's a wonderful town that carries great memories for me."

Selectman Russ Dirienzo lauded Pierpont for his service to the town and Morgan for stepping in.

"Jim has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has such a good attitude," Dirienzo said, "and he really knows his business. Getting Janet to help us out is another gift because she's topnotch.

"The town is changing," Dirienzo said. "We're trying to come up with better zoning, to allow condos in some areas, so young families can move in."; 860-355-7322