Sherman's Joe Moravsky has been at it again.

Moravsky, 25, is among the contenders as the American Ninja Warrior TV show heads to its final, taped weeks of the season.

The Shepaug Valley High School graduate wowed the audience last season, earning his way to Stage 3 of 4 in the show's national final in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moravsky was one of just seven competitors to achieve that level of 21 people who had qualified for the final.

No one yet has earned the American Ninja Warrior title during the show's previous five seasons.

Moravsky said he was determined to be the first.

To enhance TV ratings, he is sworn to secrecy on whether he gained the title in June or how far in the final stages he made it.

If he did survive competition to air Monday, Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. on NBC-TV, his next appearance would be Sept. 1 in the season finale.

"They change the courses to keep things interesting," Moravsky said Sunday during an interview with The Spectrum.

"I didn't have too much trouble with the course this year," he shrugged. "There is, of course, a challenge to it, but when you train your body for it all year, you're up to it."

Moravsky fared well in the St. Louis regional final in April with a time of 4:21:16, allowing him to go on to the 2014 Las Vegas competition in June.

The person able to complete the qualifying courses and conquer Mt. Midoriyama, the ultimate challenge from Japan's original Ninja Warrior course, would win a cash prize of $500,000.

"It was stressful returning for a second year," Moravsky said. "You have the audience's expectations on your shoulders. But I trained all year, with not too much down time. My realistic goal was to make it past my rookie standing."

Moravsky is a 2007 Shepaug grad.

Matt Perachi, the Region 12 athletic director, was Moravsky's basketball coach during his years at the school.

"Joe was a great competitor for us," Perachi said. "I knew he was very versatile and very athletic but I had no idea he was going to develop such capabilities."

Perachi added ex-Spartan's performance in the nationwide competition is "incredible."

Moravsky is a 2012 graduate of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury as a meteorologist.

From that major, Moravsky culled the nickname for which he is now nationally know, the "Weatherman."

He has worked as a fitness coach at Vasi's International Gymnastics in Newtown.

The Ninja Warrior challenge isn't the only major news in Moravsky's life.

"June was a big month for me," Moravsky said. "Stephanie (Silveria) and I were married June 7, then there was the Ninja Warrior finals in Las Vegas."

His new wife had cheered Moravsky on last year, as did his entire family, and she was again at his side for this year's competition.

Moravsky admitted her teasing as his fiance that she knew he'd do well but doubted he'd win pushed him forward to succeed.; 860-355-7322