New Milford High School Class of 2000 graduate Brian McEntee has once more impressed his school scholastic adviser, Brock Putnam.

McEntee came up on July 21 against a returning "Jeopardy!" champion -- dubbed "a buzz saw" by Putnam -- and walked away victorious.

Winning $30,000, McEntee became a one-time champion himself, then came in second place on the next day's segment.

"I was impressed," said Putnam, who himself was a "Jeopardy!" contestant in 1996. "I'd been watching the big winner, Mark Runsvold, all week. I said to myself, `Oh Brian, you're up against a buzz saw.' "

Choosing the category "Relatives of Scooby," that required words ending in "doo," McEntee pulled ahead on the way to his victory.

He took the championship by answering the Final Jeopardy! question: "Time magazine first mentioned him in 1939 when his father sent him on a diplomatic errand from London to Glasgow."

The answer: "Who is JFK?"

"Final Jeopardy! was one of those questions where you either got the clue in the clue or you didn't," McEntee said.

Now living in Virginia and an academic adviser at American University School of International Service, McEntee applied to be a "Jeopardy!" contestant on a lark.

"I'm absolutely satisfied with being a one-time champion," he said. "There won't be any other game show appearances for me. I'm actually happy to rest on my laurels."

And as for the praise he gleaned from his former Team Waramaug academic adviser?

"There goes my chance to watch you eclipse Ken Jennings," Putnam emailed him after viewing the second show, referring to the 74-time "Jeopardy!" champion who won $2.52 million in 2004.

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