Lunch menus



Elementary schools

Week of Aug. 26-28

Wednesday: Italian dunkers with sauce, salad.

Thursday: Soft taco, rice, raisins.

Friday: Pizza, fresh vegetables with dip.

Choice of milk, fruit and salad bar available every day.

Sarah Noble

Intermediate School

Wednesday: Italian dunkers with meat sauce or plain sauce for dipping, salad. Alternative: corn dog.

Thursday: Soft taco, lettuce, tomato or cheese, rice, raisins. Alternative: Teriyaki patty.

Friday: Pizza, fresh vegetables with dip. Alternative: ravioli.

Choice of milk and fruit available every day.

Schaghticoke Middle School

Wednesday: Popcorn chicken with sauces, fries. Grill: hamburger.

Thursday: Stuffed crust pizza, salad. Grill: hot dog. A la carte: spicy chicken on a roll.

Friday: Foot long hot dog on a roll, potato rounds, sherbet. Grill: hamburger. A la carte: cheese filled.

Alternatives: Wraps: ham and provolone, Buffalo chicken and American, or turkey and cheddar; or in Deli Bar, ham, turkey, Buffalo chicken. Fresh fruit and milk available every day.

New Milford High School

Wednesday: Chicken patty on a roll, lettuce, tomato, fries apple sauce. Italian market: stuffed crust pizza, meatballs and pasta, salad. Grill: spicy chicken on a roll, salad. Deli: roast beef Au Jus sandwich.

Thursday: French toast, sausage, hash brown. Italian market: pizza, pasta, chicken, sauce. Grill: chicken salad, salad. Deli: chicken salad sandwich. A la carte: spicy chicken on a roll.

Friday: Taco, toppings, lettuce, tomato, Mexican rice, peaches and cream. Italian market: pizza, pasta, salad. Deli: Italian combo. A la carte: cheese filled bread sticks.

Salad, fruit and milk are available every day.

Sherman School

Wednesday: French toast sticks, breakfast sausage.

Thursday: Bacon cheeseburger.

Friday: Cheesy bread sticks with tomato sauce.

Choice of one to three side items available every day.