In an August 16-18 stroke play weekend event, in A Flight, Bart Weissman (69) was low gross score champ. Ted Steede (76), Declan McCabe (76) and Jamie Russo (77) followed. Jerry Marifke (67) was low net score titlist just ahead of Robert Haggerty Jr. (69), Joe McHugh (69), Roger Haggerty (70) and Seth Burston (70).

In B Flight, Ron Spitzberg (79) was low gross score winner. Chris Velander (82), Lenny Canora (83) and Paul Vaccaro (83) were next. Brian Stunkel (69) was low net score champ just ahead of Jim McGroarty (70) and Tim Dausch (70).

In C Flight, Andrew Gardiner (79) was low gross score followed by Justin Beal (90) and Keith Pensiero (90). Dave Oberhand (67) was low net score. David Moskowitz (68), Leon Shapiro (71), Ed Lyman (72) and Matt Stendardi (72) were next.



In an August 20 Stroke Play event for the 18 Holers, in the combined A and B Flights, Carol Frattaroli (83) was low gross score champ. Jean Krause (69) was 1st low net score just ahead of Jen Kaplan (71).

In C Flight, Missy Clamage (111) was low gross score. Sheila Racaniello (76) was low net.

In the 9 Holers Club Championship that concluded on August 20, Arlyn Kaster (112) was low gross score champ followed by Anne Modugno (120). Geri Genovese (80) was low net score titlist.

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