Even as emotional family reunions go, this one was special.

U.S. Marine Cpl. Jeff LaRoche, of New Milford, came home recently to his wife, Lauren, and their family.

Cpl. LaRoche returned March 28 after serving tours with the Marine Reserves in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That alone would be enough for anyone to cherish a reunion. Yet the experience was doubly special for the LaRoches, as Jeff was getting to meet his daughter, Riley, born Nov. 22 during his absence.

Cpl. LaRoche deployed Sept. 11, the day after the wedding of his wife's brother, Jason Street, and Kara Fisher.

When it came time for Riley to make her debut as the LaRoche's first child in the birthing center at New Milford Hospital, Dr. Carol Papov did the honors by performing a C-section on Mrs. LaRoche.

Cpl. LaRoche was able to view the delivery from Afghanistan via Skype.

"It was an amazing experience," Jeanne Street, Riley's grandmother, said. "How amazing the whole staff at New Milford Hospital was during this time."

A bit more than four months later, Cpl. LaRoche was home, able to hug his wife, Lauren, and hold his daughter, Riley, in his arms.