The Kent Board of Finance is considering a proposed $11.5 million combined education and municipal budget for fiscal year 2014-15.

That figure would represent a $513,000 increase over the present year.

Board of Finance decided Tuesday to apply $400,000 from the town's unassigned general fund to the budget to reduce the tax increase.

At this point, the increase would be 3.9 percent.

On March 25, the Bioard of Finance asked the Board of Selectmen to make a reduction in the five-year capital plan -- cutting $200,000 during the plan's final fiscal year.

First Selectman Bruce Adams said the Board of Selectmen would make that adjustment at their next meeting.

The municipal budget is proposed for $3.12 million, a 1.4 percent increase over the present year.

Factors would include a 22.9 percent increase in health insurance and 3 percent raises for municipal employees.

The five-year capital plan now stands at $831,500. After reduction, it would stand at $631,500.

The education budget would reflect $4.4 million for Kent Center School and $2.5 million for Kent's share of Region 1 school district expenses -- a proposed 5.74 percent increase over the present year.

The Finance Board's next meeting will be April 15.

The proposed budget is scheduled to be presented to voters at a May 2 hearing.

Voters will make the call on the budget May 16.

Susan Tuz