It's time NASCAR teams had nicknames

As any good sports fan knows, there are a good number of football and baseball teams are named for animals or birds.

Among others, you've got the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers in football.

In baseball, the list includes the St. Louis Cardinals, the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers. And, yes, there are many more.

So, why doesn't NASCAR give its teams names?

Some already have a nickname but I'm going to make my own suggestions.

I am going to leave Matt Kenseth's crew alone. They're called the Killer Bees, and I like that.

Tony Stewart's team will now be called Tony's Tigers. Tigers are known for their power and strength and that team has definitely shown that this year.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s team will be Earnhardt's Elephants. I think he feels the weight of an elephant on him right now and, you have to admit, it's been a bit of a media circus around him.

I think Kyle Busch should be referred to as Kyle Kangaroo. He's always looking around to bounce someone in the race car and out.

And there was a time, not so long ago, when he would hide from the media after a race, kind of like a baby kangaroo hides in its mother's pouch.

Jimmie Johnson's crew will be Jimmie's Jaguars. They're known for their loyalty, strength and bravery. Need I say more?

How about Harvick's Horses? He sure could use a few more ponies under the hood. He's having a rotten year.

I like Biffle's Boxers, and I mean the dogs. He has three and they are known for hunting down big game and keeping it there until the hunter can arrive. I think that's what his team is trying to do with him.

Gordon's Gorillas works for me. They're known to be peaceful and good at using tools. That team has proven over and over again that they have all the right tools and know how to use them.

I think this one is my favorite: Mark Martin's Mockingbirds. I think Martin would like to imitate the success of two of his teammates, Johnson and Gordon, and have several point championships as they do.

Accord, Stafford, Lebanon Valley and Whip City speedways, where some of our local drivers race, were all rained out this past weekend. But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of them when I wrote this.

I suggest that Bill and Billy Deak Jr. be referred to as Deak's Ducks because they know how to fly with a race car.

How about Peter Parrot for Peter Dance? After all, parrots repeat everything, and Peter does have three wins so far.

And, finally, I was thinking about nicknaming Kyle Armstrong Kyle the Cougar because, like a cougar, he's on the hunt, and ready for a his first win this season.

The Sprint Cup guys are off this weekend.