Cecilia Buck-Taylor, of New Milford, was recently officially notified by the Secretary of the State that she has also been endorsed by the Independent Party.

Her name will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot on both the Republican and Independent lines.

Ms. Buck-Taylor is a candidate for state representative for the 67th district.

She and more than 50 state representative and Senate candidates were praised by the Independent Party secretary, according to Dr. Robert Fand.

"The Independent Party knows that all of the endorsed candidates understand that if the state is to get out of its debt crisis without raising onerous taxes, then 36 years of unrestrained, uncontrolled Democratic one-party rule in the state Legislature must end," he said.

"The candidates will collectively work to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship across the state, and work to remove suffocating over-regulation that is stifling the creation of new businesses that would create the jobs Connecticut so desperately needs. The Independent Party wishes all candidates success in November," he said.