The donation to the town of a 3.6-acre meadow at 18 Grove Street was unanimously approved Monday at a town meeting.

The parcel, a quarter-mile from the Village Green, is being donated by New Milford native Paul Hulton, 87, to be eventually developed into a park in his father's memory.

"We are very pleased," Hulton said, speaking for his family. "My father wouldn't let me develop that parcel over the years. I kept hearing his voice saying, `This would be a beautiful park.' "

For now, the parcel will remain a meadow with a sign that reads "Hulton Meadow."

In the future, it may be developed into a park, Mayor Pat Murphy said.

"We are fortunate to have people like Paul Hulton in our community willing to donate land for public use," said Joe Failla, Town Council member. "The fact that we have residents like Mr. Hulton is what makes this a great town."

Hulton's donation received support from the Conservation Commission and the Planning Commission.

Michael John Cavallero, of the Conservation Commission, noted in a letter that the meadow and eventual park "will be an asset to the town for generations to come."

-- Susan Tuz