Changes are afoot at the New Milford Historical Society.

Most apparently, there are new faces gracing seats on the venerable museum's board of trustees.

Four officers of the trustees' board resigned last week: Joanne Lillis, who had been serving as president; second vice president Susan Metcalf; treasurer Mark Malkin; and secretary Diane Dubreuil.

Lillis, who served on the board for more than a decade and as president for nine years, declined comment Monday on the reason for the resignations.

Charles Barlow, the board's first vice chairman and a longtime member, said "it's probably time for the young folks to take over."

"All of the officers who resigned had served long terms," Barlow said. "We have some younger people who will be stepping up to run the society. I, myself, while not as young, will be staying on."

The historical society is nearing its 100th anniversary in 2015 andplans need to be made for the celebration.

Museum curator Lisa Roush is now on a leave of absence. She is serving as curator at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford.

She said Monday she would return to her curator's position when the new board is in place.

"I believe I will be helping with the 100th anniversary plans, but that hasn't been discussed yet," said Roush.

Barlow gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to Roush overseeing the 100th anniversary plans.

"It's very important that Lisa Roush get to work on that," Barlow said.

Justin Krul, 27, owner of Just In Antiques & More in New Milford, joined the museum's Board of Trustees last summer.

"There were resignations," Krul said, "and there are some new trustees on the board. There was a change with the resignations, so we are setting up a new board."

Krul and Barlow said more information regarding the historical society should be publicized in coming weeks.