A festive groundbreaking held July 20 on its rustic Kent campus marked the start of a new chapter in the history of the High Watch Recovery Center.

A non-profit facility founded in 1940 with the mission of treating those afflicted with drug or alcohol addiction, High Watch is undertaking an expansion of its medical wing.

Among those attending the recent ceremony on Carter Road were Kent First Selectman Bruce Adams, State Sen. Andrew Roraback (R-30th) and numerous friends and associates of High Watch.

As stated on its website, the High Watch Recovery Center "is dedicated to healing those suffering from the chronic illness of drug and alcohol addiction. Our ability to deliver proven, effective treatment for substance abuse lies in what we call our unique High Watch program."

"We integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine," the website continued, "for the treatment of both the neurobiology of addiction and any co-occurring disorders, into the time tested spiritual teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous."

Janina J. Kean, the facility's president and CEO, advocates for High Watch with her mantra, "Effective treatment, grounded in an evidence based practice, does not have to be expensive."

For more information about the High Watch Recovery Center or to make donations, call 860-927-3772 or check www.highwatchrecovery.com.

Norm Cummings

Photography by Trish Haldin