Henry Abbott, Nonnewaug bus routes announced

[Editor's Note: Henry Abbott Technical School and Nonnewaug students are picked up together and brought to the Catherine E. Lillis Administration Building on East Street where they will transfer onto buses to the respective schools. In the afternoon HAT students will ride their assigned bus that will take them home. Nonnewaug students will ride Mini 45 buses that will take them home. Students are encouraged to ask the morning bus driver what bus to take home.]

Bus 43 inbound: 5:50 West Meetinghouse @ Bridle; 5:55 501 West Meetinghouse ; T/A @ Town Line; left Barker; right Squire Hill; 6:00 89 Squire Hill; Right Bear Hill; left onto Merryall; Merryall @ Mt Tom; 6:05 Merryall @ Coppers Lane; Merryall @ Papermill; Right Wellsville Ave; 316 Wellsville; 296 Wellsville; 6:15 Wellsville @ Aspetuck Village; Wellsville @ Canterbury Ct; Straight onto Railroad Street; left on Bennitt; Bennitt St @ Terrace Pl; Straight to Elm St Ext; right on East St to Catherine E. Lillis building 6:25; Left; right Bridge Street; left Route 7; right Sunny Valley Rd; Sunny Valley @ Summit; Sunny Valley @ Sherwood; 6:30 36/38 Sunny Valley; Sunny Valley @ Fort Hill; Left Sunny Valley; Sunny Valley @ Caldwell; Right Route 7 South; 6:35 Route 7 @ Willow Springs; Right onto Sullivan; right Old Town Park; Right into Hill and Plain, meet Bus 56; 6:45 Hill and Plain; Proceed to Henry Abbott Tech in Danbury for 7:05.

Bus 44 inbound: 5:25 Depart Bus Yard; left Pickett District; right Route 7 N; right Bridge Street, Right Route 67, left Dorwin Hill, right Dorwin Hill; 5:40 14 Dorwin Hill; Dorwin Hill @ Taylor Rd; 5:45 Dorwin @ High Meadow; Left Pleasantview; 5:50 13 Pleasant View; Right Maple Wood, left Pleasantview, left Dorwin Hill, left Old Ridge;right Revere, Left Jefferson; 6:00 20 Jefferson Dr; Left Standish, right Old Ridge, right again Old Ridge, right Mine Hill; 6:05 105 Mine Hill; T/A at Bluestone, back over Mine Hill, right Ridge Road; 6:15 9 Ridge Road; Ridge @ Ridge Crest; Left Reservoir Road; 6:20 Reservoir @ April Dr; Right Second Hill; Second Hill @ Halletts; Straight onto Elm Street Ext; Elm St Ext @ Brookside; Left into Catherine E. Lillis building parking lot to meet and transfer students; Left Route 202, left Route 67, right Grove Street; 6:35 61 Grove Street; Grove @ Bostwick Pl; 125 Grove; 215 Grove ; Left Pumpkin Hill; 99 Pumpkin Hill; Pumpkin Hill @ Wampum;6:45 103 Pumpkin Hill; Pumpkin Hill @ Old Pumpkin Hill; Right Pumpkin Hill into Brookfield onto Long Meadow; 7:05 HAT.

Bus 45 inbound: 5:30 Depart Bus Yard; left Pickett District, right Route 7; right Bridge St, Left Route 202; 5:40 Park Lane Rd @ Howland Road; Right Hipp Road; 11 Hipp Road; 5:45 Hipp @ Rolling Glen; Left Chestnutland Rd -- Route 109; 5:50 240 Chestnutland Rd; T/A Walker Brook, back over Rte 109; 5:55 171 Chestnutland; 93 Chestnutland; T/A @ Church, back up Rte 109, right Littlefield; 6:00 Littlefield @ Charterhouse; Straight onto Chapin; 6:05 Chapin @ Bonnie Vu; T/A at Bonnie Vu, back over Chapin, Straight Littlefield; Left Essex; 6:10 Essex @ Stonecastle; Right Stonecastle, left Old Parkwood; 6:15 Old Parkwood @ Stephanie; Continue onto Upper Reservoir Road; 6:20 Upper Reservoir @ Broadview; Upper Reservoir @ Great Brook; Proceed to East Street, right Reservoir, right Second Hill onto Elm Ext; 6:30 Catherine E. Lillis building to meet feeder vans then proceed to Nonnewaug. All HAT students transfer onto Bus 43 to Danbury; 7:05 Nonnewaug.

Bus 46 inbound: 5:55 Litchfield Rd @ Sand Pit; Litchfield Rd @ Sandy Acres; Right Wheaton Rd; 6:00 Wheaton @ Hillendale; T/A @ Hillendale, back over Wheaton, right Rte 202; Left Connelly, left McNulty; 6:05 41 McNulty Dr; T/A at Geiger, back over McNulty, right Connelly; Right Litchfield Road; 6:10 Litchfield Rd @ Bittersweet Bluff; Rte 202 @ Mountain View; Rte 202 @ Avery;6:15 Rte 202 @ Park Lane West; T/A @ Taylor Terrace, back up Rte 202, right Park Lane East; 19 Park Lane East; Right Heacock Crossbrook; 6:20 118 Heacock Crossbrook; Right Second Hill to Elm St Ext, left into Catherine E. Lillis building; 6:30 Board of Ed at East Street to meet Bus 45 for Nonnewaug transfer and Bus 44 for HAT transfers. In the afternoon HAT ride Bus 43 home and Nonnewaug students ride mini 47 home.

Bus 52 inbound: 5:40 Depart Bus Yard; left Dodd Rd; Left Route 7, right Sullivan, right Old Town Park; Right Candlewood Lake N, back into Sherry La; 5:45 Candlewood Lake N @ Sherry La; Right Candlewood Lake N, left Old Town Park; 5:48 Old Town Park @ Sherry Lane; T/A Marina, back over Old Town; right Carlson; right Sullivan; Straight Carmen Hill #1, left Polaris, right Overlook; 33 Overlook; Right Carmen Hill #2; 5:55 195 Carmen Hill #2; Right Carmen Hill #1, right Candlewood Lake South; Right Route 7, left Cross Rd, right Erickson, left Old Pumpkin Hill; Old Pumpkin Hill @ McKayla; Left Pumpkin Hill; 6:03 Pumpkin Hill @ Elizabeth Lane; Right Grove; right Hine Hill; 6:10 42 Hine Hill; Onto Town Farm Rd; left Route 67; right Fordyce Rd; 6:15 18 Fordyce Rd; T/A @ Condos, left Route 67; 6:18 Route 67 @ Prospect Place; 6:20 East Street.

Bus 62 inbound: 5:30 Depart Bus Yard; left Dodd Rd, right Rte 7; 5:40 318 Kent Rd; Right Grove Rd; 5:50 58 Grove Road - Gaylorsdsville; Right South Kent Rd, left Riverview; 5:55 Riverview @ River Rd; T/A @ River Rd, back over Riverview, left Rte 7, right Rte 55; 6:00 Route 55 & Evans Hill, Sherman; 47 Route 55, Sherman; 59 Route 55, Sherman; 66 Route 55; T/A @ Evergreen, back over Rte 55; right Rte 7, right Gaylord Rd; 6:05 152 Gaylord Rd; T/A, right Rte 7; 6:10 335 Kent Rd; Right Squash Hollow; 6:15 58 Squash Hollow; T/A, right Rte 7; Proceed to Catherine E. Lillis building on East Street for 6:35.