The state Department of Public Health's medical examining board will probably reach a decision on the professional fate of New Milford Hospital radiologist Dr. Michael Waldman in March, according to a department spokesman.

William Gerrish of the state Department of Public Health said in Dec. 15 emails the board completed its hearing into charges Dr. Waldman mishandled a case in April 2010 involving New Milford resident Thomas D'Amato.

Mr. Gerrish said the board will probably render a decision in the case when it meets on March 20.

Dr. Waldman faces the revocation of his medical license.

The case stems from a procedure Dr. Waldman performed on Mr. D'Amato at New Milford Hospital in April 2010, using a needle to remove fluid from a space near Mr. D'Amato's lung.

Public health records show that the needle accidently nicked Mr. D'Amato's spleen. Dr. Waldman did not tell Mr. D'Amato about this, public health records said.

Mr. D'Amato returned to the hospital six hours later, complaining of abdominal pain. He died at Danbury Hospital of complications from a perforated spleen three days later, according state records.

In August, the public health department declared Dr. Waldman "failed to meet the standard of care'' in his treatment of Mr. D'Amato.

Public health department records show Dr. Waldman failed to do a scan of Mr. D'Amato's abdominal area after the procedure; failed to adequately monitor Mr. D'Amato's condition; did not discuss the spleen puncture with him; did not give him adequate discharge instructions; and failed to admit him to the New Milford Hospital emergency department.

The state public health department and Dr. Waldman agreed on a proposed settlement in the case, in which Dr. Waldman would have been placed on supervised probation for a year, while not admitting any negligence in the case.

However, the state medical examining board rejected that settlement.

Attorney John Houlihan Jr, who represents Mr. D'Amato's widow, Diane D'Amato, said Friday he expects to file a malpractice suit against Dr. Waldman in the first weeks of 2012.