Andy Grossman, the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 67th District, has qualified for state funding under the Citizens' Election Program.

The State Election Enforcement Commission determined he had met the necessary guidelines to qualify for the grant, worth more than $26,000.

To qualify for the grant, Mr. Grossman tapped support in the New Milford community by raising more than $5,000 from more than 150 town residents.

Mr. Grossman said in his daily door-to-door canvassing of residents, he heard citizens say New Milford needs more assertive and energetic representation in Hartford.

"Clearly, voters responded to my message about the need for the town to have an effective presence in the Capitolin order to receive our fair share of state funds earmarked for small towns like New Milford," Mr. Grossman said.

"Like me, they are tired of living in a `donor town' in which we send too much of our taxes to Hartford and receive too little in return."

Mr. Grossman is a member of the town's Economic Development Commission, where he works with the majority Republicans to try to bring new business to New Milford and to help local business grow.

He also said some voters appreciate his intent to work across party lines to reverse what he terms the polarized process that has poisoned politics and government across the country.

Mr. Grossman has promised "to show up for New Milford" by working as a full-time legislator, meeting regularly with constituents and communicating with them about his activities and the ongoing legislative scene.

"People (I have spoken to) are happy to hear they will finally learn first-hand about what is happening with their hard-earned tax dollars instead of remaining in the dark over what their representative is doing in Hartford," Mr. Grossman said.

Mr. Grossman is also a member of the New Milford Historical Society and he ran for a seat on the town's Planning Commission in 2011.

He received a bachelor of arts degree in American history from Cornell University and a master of science degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

He now runs an editorial services company that he formed after a 25-year career in journalism.

Mr. Grossman resides in New Milford with his wife, Sherry, and their daughter, Chloe, who attends Schaghticoke Middle School.