GOP's town council candidates support emergency services

Republican candidates for town council in New Milford have issued a statement expressing their support of and gratitude for the town's police, fire and ambulance volunteers.

"With our emphasis on moving New Milford forward and keeping New Milford a great place to live, [we] would like to acknowledge our support and gratitude for the police, fire, and ambulance who continue to serve our wonderful town," said the statement from GOP council candidates Pete Bass, Ray O'Brien, Roger Szendy, Bob Guendelsberger, Cecilia Buck-Taylor and Tom Esposito.

"These men and women, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, serve the people of New Milford in both good and trying times," the GOP statement said.

"We believe that a major component of quality of life here in New Milford rests in safety and security," said the GOP hopefuls, "and the well being of all citizens of New Milford."

"With the construction of the ambulance barn, increased traffic patrols, safety 'bumps' to slow traffic coming out of the high school," concluded the candidates, "we support our police, fire, ambulance members' efforts to continue the tradition of first-class service to our citizens of the New Milford."