New Milford's Republican Town Council candidates have expressed in a statement their commitment to town road improvement and safety as a priority.

The GOP candidates are Pete Bass, Ray O'Brien, Bob Guendelsberger, Roger Szendy, Cecilia Buck-Taylor and Tom Esposito.

"Over the past two budget years, along with funding from grants and a road bond, the Republican majority on the New Milford Town Council has funded over 25 miles of road chip sealing, over 14 miles of repaving and more than six miles of reconstruction," the statement said.

"Further," the GOP hopefuls said, "the Town Council sought funding for the Grove Street/Route 67 intersection improvements, which will reduce downtown traffic flow and improve public safety."

"Your Republican Town Council candidates are committed to improving New Milford's infrastructure," the statement said. "As time takes its toll on our roads and bridges, your Republican team will continue to work to fund continued maintenance across our town."

"New Milford's roads carry our families, our friends and vital commerce. It is essential that our byways be kept safe and in peak condition," said the Republican candidates.

"Election of Republican Town Council candidates will ensure that our families will continue to enjoy safe and secure roads in the coming years," concluded the statement, "with the knowledge that they were built using state grants and low-interest loans wherever possible."