The first confirmed novel coronavirus cases were reported in Kent and Sherman this week.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay home if you do not need to be out,” Kent First Selectman Jean Speck said Tuesday, after one person in town tested positive for COVID-19.

No information has been provided on that individual.

There were three confirmed cases in Sherman as of Wednesday afternoon, said First Selectman Don Lowe.

Sherman’s first case involved a middle-aged man. Lowe said he did not have information to share on the other two individuals, but he did say they were not from the same household.

With the rising number of cases in town, Sherman officials are requiring individuals from New York City to self-quarantine for 14 days before moving about and shopping in Sherman.

Speck acknowledged that social distancing can be difficult since “it is human nature to gather in times of stress and community crisis,” but said it’s vital that everyone practice it.

“We must resist this temptation. It’s hazardous to your family, friends and loved ones,” she said.

Speck said all confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 are “currently being followed up by our local health department to ensure those with the virus are getting the care they need, and are following CDC guidance.”

The novel coronavirus has been rapidly spreading throughout Connecticut. As of Tuesday, there were 618 confirmed cases and 12 deaths.