Excitement of a new school year

I will be teaching an Adult Education class this October through the enrichment program of New Milford Public Schools.

It will be "The Writer's Journal," and will look at some contemporary writers' works and consider those writers' thoughts on journal keeping. I will introduce the class to 19th century nature journals in the style of the transcendentalists who wrote of a higher state of existence for man through an interaction with nature. We will also explore the 11th century Japanese Poetic Diary.

As I prepare my class outlines, review familiar subject matter and glean more information than I could possibly impart in just three sessions, I am excited in a way I had only been in my years as a student in college.

I was first a literature major at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and later earned an English degree at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury.

The joy of researching for hours, reading works by top literary figures, and discovering avenues traveled by students before me has been born anew as I prepare for this class.

My friend Nanci's daughter is going off to college this fall. Nanci and her husband have departed for the Midwest to take her to the school, where she will be spending the next four years. I envy her the experience, and think of how many other young men and women are now starting their college careers or returning to them.

I think of other adults like myself who, having a continuing appetite for learning, attend seminars and workshops and take adult ed classes.

Yes, this is an exciting time of year. The promise of new knowledge lies just weeks ahead.

Even for the little ones among us who are going back to school, the promise of a new year can hold excitement. After all, who doesn't like seeing old friends and shopping for that new bookbag and school-year wardrobe?