Andrew Roraback, the Republican candidate for Congress for the 5th District, has been endorsed by former longtime 5th District Congresswoman Nancy Johnson of New Britain.

"I am delighted to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Andrew as he seeks the Republican nomination to run for Congress in the 5th District," Ms. Johnson said. "Andrew is uniquely well prepared to represent us in Congress and to win this seat back for Republicans. His character, work ethic and understanding of the complexities of the legislative process together with his people skills and faithfulness to Republican principles make him the clear choice to secure the nomination and to achieve victory in November."

State Sen. Roraback has been serving for many years in Hartford from the 30th District.

"I am honored to win the backing of an individual who served our party and the people of the 5th District with such distinction for so many years," Sen. Roraback said. "I will work as hard as I can to recapture this seat for our party in November. I am very grateful on the eve of the convention to secure Nancy's recognition that the skills I have accumulated through my service to the public together with my proven ability to win elections makes me the best choice to win."