New Milford Hospital's emergency room offers 24-hour emergency care with a trained staff "ready to take on whatever emergency comes through the door," said Dr. Thomas Koobatian, head of the emergency department.

"Community medical care is of a different flavor than tertiary hospital's staff availability," he added.

The emergency staffs of both New Milford and Danbury hospitals are certified for acute care. However, Danbury has official trauma level certification, he explained.

Danbury is unique in having a neurosurgeon on staff, a general surgeon in the house at all times and sub-specialists like vascular surgeons on at all times, he added.

With the hospitals' affiliation, transfers to Danbury's emergency room now happen seamlessly with speed, Dr. Koobatian said.

"Overall, the biggest benefit is the collaboration between the hospitals," Dr. Koobatian said, "the understanding of a patient through shared medical records and safe transfer to a tertiary care center."