Vin Nolan, the economic development supervisor in New Milford since 2006, is leaving the job in two weeks.

Nolan has accepted a similar job in economic development in Delray Beach, Fla.

"This is not about leaving the town of New Milford," Nolan wrote in his letter of resignation. "The decision is about the next step in my life ... and in my career development."

"Had not a good opportunity come along, I would not have acted this soon," Nolan said Monday. "I'm not looking to get out of Dodge."

Nolan is, however, concerned about Connecticut's business climate and economy. While not the deciding factor in this move, it does play a role, he said.

"I fear greatly for business in Connecticut," he said. "I don't see regulations on businesses or the town letting up. They've reached the point of stymieing development."

Still, he hopes the best for the state and believes New Milford will fare better than other communities.

Mayor Pat Murphy said Monday replacing Nolan will be a challenge.

"He really did embrace our business community -- got involved, from our Chamber of Commerce to regional economic development," she said.

Murphy noted Nolan's help in implementing the development services team that guides businesses in the development of land and building use in town.

"The search to fill the economic development supervisor's position will be one to match someone with the department heads and business community," Murphy said.

Economic Development Commission chairman Frank Wargo lauded Nolan for "working as a liaison in getting the strategic plans together for the town and the region."

"He will be sorely missed," Wargo said. "He's a wonderful asset for the town."

Over the years Nolan has played a key role in bringing in numerous businesses and large business mergers to town.

The Economic Development Corp. in New Milford he helped plan was launched in March.

When Danbury-based Odyssey Logistics Technology Corp. purchased New Milford-based Chemical Marketing in February, Nolan played a key role in working with Wayne Sheppard, chief of staff to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

"Vin, Liz Stocker and I have been a triumvirate in creating the Comprehensive Regional Economic Development Strategy," Sheppard said.

"Vin has been the driving force throughout the 18 months that we have been developing the strategy," Sheppard added. "He recognized the value of regional economic development immediately and put every effort behind our development of the strategy."

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