The Dramalites, one of the oldest community theater organizations in the state, is looking to the future.

The Washington-based group is seeking new members and plans for children's programming for next summer are underway.

The Dramalites recently moved its costume collection from the Bryan Memorial Town Hall attic.

"The Dramalites are an important part of Washington's history," said Marla Truini, vice president of the organization, "and we need some energetic new members to continue the tradition of excellent theater programming."

Truini noted the Dramalites' "old guard," including executive board members Blanche Bailey and Carol Couch, have stepped down in recent years.

"I would really love to see the group continue," Truini said, "especially because theater has proven to be especially positive for young people."

Those interested should call Marla Truini, Director of Drama at Westover School Middlebury at 203-577-4597.