Very "Disney-like."

That was New Milford Zoning Commission member Eleanor Florio's take on the new restaurant proposed to go into the former Friendly's building at 108 Danbury Road (Route 7 South).

A plan for exterior site and building modifications on the property was approved April 25 by zoners.

Peter Serroukas, of Dinerluxe LLC, will be subleasing the building.

The plans include a new canopy over the front entrance and minor modifications to the building's existing footprint.

A new facade with LED lighting and new roof line will be included.

Serroukas said the look will be "Art Deco" and "animated." Colors will be in pastel tones.

Outside seating for 20 with umbrella tables completes the plan.

The restaurant will serve alcohol and meals will be "diner fair as well as upscale gourmet food," while pricing will be kept moderate, Serroukas said.

"It's going to be a great place," he added, a "comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with the familiarity of a family-oriented place. It will also offer a fine dining experience."

Serroukas has several restaurants at this time in Dutchess and Albany counties in New York.

In Albany, he owns The Standard Restaurant & Lounge where patrons are served in a "1940s-50s Hollywood-themed setting with American cuisine, with an upscale twist," according to the website.

The Standard Restaurant & Lounge offers a menu similar to what Dinerluxe in New Milford will have, from Chinese shi zi appetizer to fresh pasta and steak, Serroukas said.; 860-355-7322