A high-end detox center may be coming to New Milford.

Hal Fischel, owner of The Bleachery at the south end of West Street, has a special permit application before the Zoning Commission to renovate 6,000 square feet in the building to house an eight-bed, in-patient treatment center.

Patient stay would be four to four-and-a-half days, with two to three staff members on site each shift.

If the special permit were to be approved, Fischel would lease the space to Dr. Patrick Gallus, an emergency medicine physician, who operates three detox centers in Prescott, Ariz. and Dallas and Sugarland, Texas.

"Dr. Gallus wants an East Coast location," Fischel said.

According to the Gallus Detox website, both alcohol and drug detox would be offered.

The site lists offerings of "luxury accommodations," "on site medical team" and "no rapid drug detox."

Before Gallus Detox could establish a center in Connecticut, it would have to file and have a Certificate of Need approved by the state Department of Public Health Office of Health Care Access, said Bill Gerrish, spokesperson with the DPH.

The floor plan before zoning for the treatment center includes a laundry room, counter/kitchen, psychiatric interview room, massage room, administrative office and medicine room.

A nurse station, full bath and half-bath would complete the plan.

"After a few days of intensive care, patients would move on to a rehabilitation center," Fischel said.

"It would be quiet and a comforting location on the water."

A public hearing before the Zoning Commission on the special permit application is scheduled May 28 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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