Selectman Tod Jones shocked many in the community Sunday when he abruptly left Kent, emailing the party that he would never return.

"I received a two-sentence email from him Sunday afternoon," said First Selectman Bruce Adams, a fellow Democrat. "It said, `I'm leaving Connecticut. I will not be back.'"

Worried about his fellow selectman, Mr. Adams went to Mr. Jones' house.

"His wife (Lisa) didn't seem to be concerned," said Mr. Adams, who said he arrived at the house some two hours after receiving the email.

"She said (Tod) took the car, some belongings and the dog and left," the first selectman said.

Contacted by The Spectrum Tuesday evening, Lisa Jones declined comment.

Mr. Jones' departure leaves the Board of Selectmen functioning with just two members -- Mr. Adams and Republican Susi Williams.

Mr. Jones did not tender a resignation from his position, which means Mr. Adams cannot appoint anyone to fill the vacated seat.

Once an official resignation is received from Mr. Jones, the selectmen would have 30 days to fill the position, Mr. Adams explained.

For now, he said, their "hands are tied."

Mr. Jones, who was serving his first term on the Board of Selectmen, also served as chairman of the town's Democratic Town Committee.

He had attended the selectmen's May 1 meeting and was present at the Friday, May 18 town budget meeting.

Mr. Jones had been slated Monday to be one of the town's delegates to the Democratic convention in Litchfield. Town committee vice chairman Athenaid Dallett declined to comment Tuesday on Mr. Jones' departure.

Kent was represented at the convention by David Parker and Dennis DePaul.

Mr. Jones lost his job two years ago with Valley Marble & Slate in New Milford, Mr. Adams said, and had been working with his wife, Lisa, in her housecleaning business.

The couple had expanded their customer base over the past two years, he said.