Gale Alexander has ideas for tax reform.

The Democratic candidate for the 67th District state house seat presented his plan recently for municipal tax reform during a news conference at New Milford Democratic Town Committee headquarters.

Alexander is challenging one-term Republican incumbent state Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor.

With Southbury First Selectman Ed Edelson and Beacon Falls First Selectman Chris Bielik by his side, Alexander said, if elected in November, he would "put shoulder to the wheel" to bring a change to the state's municipal tax system from a property-based tax to income based.

"Assessing property as a basis for taxes is an 18th-century concept," Alexander said. "We have to look at what our economy is based on in the 21st century to have a true application to base taxes on."

Bielik said he and Edelson support Alexander's run for the House seat because if elected, Alexander would "champion these changes."

Alexander said the present property-based tax system victimizes seniors and people who are out of work, placing a burden on middle- and lower-income residents.

He added, "Taxes on businesses are more equitable under an income-based, profit-based assessment."

A profit-based assessment would also place all businesses on an even footing, Alexander said, rather than having high profit-earning retailers like WalMart paying less than Kimberly Clark because of K-C's high degree of capitalization.

"Wouldn't we like to give K-C a tax break in bad years so it doesn't have to leave town?" Alexander said. "And keep all of those good-paying jobs here in New Milford."; 860-355-7322