Clark Chapin is considering a run for the 30th District state senate seat.

State Sen. Andrew Roraback's announcment he will run for U.S. Congress from the 5th District has prompted Mr. Chapin, the veteran Republican state representative from the 67th district to possibly set his sights higher.

"I've heard from a number of people since Andrew announced (Oct. 20) suggesting I would be a good candidate," Mr. Chapin said Tuesday. "I'm not ready to announce yet with redistricting also in the mix."

A Nov. 30 deadline is facing the legislature's Redistricting Committee to draw new district lines on the state map. If that deadline were to be missed, the issue would go to the state Supreme Court.

"I believe New Milford will remain in the 30th district, but 10 years ago, it was split between the 30th and 32nd districts. It's important to see how redistricting plays out," Mr. Chapin said.

Among those encouraging Mr. Chapin to run is Matt Grimes, a Brookfield Republican Town Committee member.

"Clark's absolutely the Republican's surefire candidate," said Mr. Grimes, whose town, along with New Milford, constitutes 43 percent of the voters in the 30th Senate District. "He understands the needs and issues of the northwest corner. He's a certain win for the Republicans."

Mr. Chapin has held the 67th District seat since 2001. He was re-elected Assistant House Minority Leader in January 2011. He also holds the role of chairman of the House Republican Bill Screening Committee.

"Clark certainly has the capacity to be an exceptional senator," Mr. Roraback said. "He works very hard, is very responsive to his constituents and is highly respected on both sides of the aisle in Hartford. He's an exceptionally capable legislator."

Mr. Chapin said Tuesday that demands as a state senator representing a 15-town district would be greater than he presently faces as the representative for New Milford.

Yet he also noted New Milford has the highest population percentage in the 30th district.

"I think the demographics would favor the legislator from the 67th District in a run for the 30th District seat," Mr. Chapin said. "But not (even) considering possible Democratic candidates for the seat, there are several Republicans in the district with strong bases."

He cited Rep. David Scribner of Brookfield and Bethel, Rep. Craig Miner of Litchfield and Mayor Ryan Bingham of Torrington.

And he did not discount Pat Murphy, the New Milford mayor, as a "strong Republican choice."

"I already have a job," Ms. Murphy said Tuesday when asked about further political aspirations.

In comparing himself to Mr. Roraback, Mr. Chapin noted the two are "friends and colleagues who communicate frequently."

"Andrew's been a good teacher for me. He's provided the highest level of constituent service," Mr. Chapin said. "On fiscal issues, we're in lock step. There are areas where we differ. I believe most view him as less conservative than I am."