State Rep. Clark Chapin, R-67th, and Cecilia Buck-Taylor will hold an open house Oct. 27 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at Republican headquarters at the corner of Bridge and South Main streets in New Milford.

Rep. Chapin is a candidate for the 30th District state Senate seat and Ms. Buck-Taylor is a candidate to replace Rep. Chapin in the 67th District.

Rep. Chapin said political campaigns are often limited to slogans and campaign rhetoric and he thought an opportunity to discuss issues in detail would give voters the chance to make a more thoughtful decision in the voting booth.

Ms. Buck-Taylor, vice chairwoman of the New Milford Town Council, is running for her first state office.

She said she welcomes the opportunity to let voters know her ideas and her plans for the state around if she were to be elected.

Ms. Buck-Taylor said the meeting will be another opportunity for her to listen to the concerns of the residents of New Milford so she can bring those concerns to Hartford.

Refreshments will be provided.