Ending weeks of speculation, State Rep. Clark Chapin, R-67, announced Tuesday he will run for the 30th District state Senate seat to be vacated by Andrew Roraback in his pursuit of the U.S. Fifth District Congressional seat.

"Why not?'' quipped Mr. Chapin, 50, of his decision to pursue what many Republican leaders consider a natural political progression.

He was first elected to the state General Assembly in 2000.

More seriously, Mr. Chapin said, he had wanted to consider how the district might be re-configured.

When that decision was announced a week ago, he could see 43 percent of the district's population lives in New Milford and Brookfield.

"So it seemed that it would be advantageous to someone from that area running for the 30th District," Mr. Chapin said. "And it's important that people know if they elect me, I'll continue to represent them with the high standards to which they've become accustomed."

With Mr. Chapin's decision to seek Mr. Roraback's seat came yet another announcement, this one from Town Council vice chairwoman Cecilia Buck-Taylor, who has decided to seek Mr. Chapin's seat in the General Assembly.

"Are you ready for some fun?" the 57-year-old Republican attorney said light-heartedly of her candidacy.

A New Milford resident for 20 years, Ms. Buck-Taylor has been active in civic and elected offices from almost the day she arrived in town.

From her first role as vice president of the Greater New Milford Newcomers Club, she has served on the Board of Education, the Economic Development Commission, the Ethics Commission and on the Town Council since 2009.

Her husband, Bill Taylor, is chairman of the Zoning Commission.

She said thoughts of running for state office had been brewing on her back burner. When Mr. Chapin officially decided to seek the state senate seat, she was ready to move ahead with her plans.

Ms. Buck-Taylor could have competition from within her party.

Veteran town councilman Peter Bass has also been approached by local Republicans to consider running for Mr. Chapin's seat.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," Mr. Bass said Tuesday. "I've been offered support, but we just finished the election to the Town Council and this (election) is still a little ways away. I'm going to take it day by day."

Mr. Bass said he intends to reach a decision by the end of January.

No Democrats have yet officially declared their candidacy.

State Democratic Party executive director Eric Hyres said it is still quite early in the process, but he fully expects a competitive race in the 30th District.

One possible candidate would be state Rep. Roberta Willis (D-64th).

"I knew Clark was deciding over the last few weeks, and I'm glad he finally decided to run," said Roger Szendy, the New Milford GOP chairman. "I think he'll make an excellent state senator."

Regarding Ms. Buck-Taylor, Mr. Szendy said she is a viable candidate who would be a "welcome addition up in Hartford."